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Bavaro’s Antico Pomodoro Pasta Sauce


Pomodoro sauce is the staple of all sauces in the Italian culture. The base of this sauce is onion and basil, and with the old fashion method of cooking you are left with a smooth easily digested sauce that kids love! Antico Pomodoro is perfectly paired with dishes such as eggplant and chicken parmesan, lentil soup or just over your favorite homemade pasta.

Bavaro’s Arrabiata Pasta Sauce


Bavaro’s Arrabbiata is renowned for its smooth texture and flavorful tomato, garlic, and chili pepper blend.  This blend of flavors has a building heat to wake up the pallet!  What sets our Arrabbiata apart is the use of fresh chilies to create the heat.  Arrabbiata is best paired with seafood (especially shellfish)!

Bavaro’s Marinara Pasta Sauce


Most families are very familiar with the common Marinara style sauce.  Over the years different cultures have made numerous variations to Marinara sauces.  Bavaro’s Marinara sauce has maintained the classic, true Marinara style. Using freshly chopped garlic, sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil and the finest tomatoes, our Marinara sauce is simple yet delicious!

Bavaro’s Fire Roasted Peppers & Garlic


Bavaro’s uses local Florida bell peppers that are fire-roasted then sautéed with fresh garlic as a base for this delicious sauce. We recommend this flavorful sauce for beef stews, sautéing with meats and of course, over your favorite pasta.

Bavaro’s Neapolitan Pizza Sauce


Neapolitan pizza was crafted in Napoli, Italy in the mid 1800’s. Neapolitan style pizzerias are popping up everywhere in the United States due to high demand of high quality, delicious pizzas. Bavaro’s is one of the original pioneering Neapolitan Pizzerias in the country, opening in early 2009 in Tampa, Florida. Using the finest San Marzano tomatoes and Mediterranean sea salt, Bavaro’s adheres to the Italian tradition and now offers its sauce used at the restaurant to home-chefs around the country.