Bavaro’s Neapolitan Pizza Sauce


Neapolitan pizza was crafted in Napoli, Italy in the mid 1800’s. Neapolitan style pizzerias are popping up everywhere in the United States due to high demand of high quality, delicious pizzas. Bavaro’s is one of the original pioneering Neapolitan Pizzerias in the country, opening in early 2009 in Tampa, Florida. Using the finest San Marzano tomatoes and Mediterranean sea salt, Bavaro’s adheres to the Italian tradition and now offers its sauce used at the restaurant to home-chefs around the country.

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Neapolitan Pizza Sauce Ingredients: DOP san marzano tomato, sea salt

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Weight 24 oz

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San Marzano tomato, sea salt


Unopened: 12 months ambient temp
Opened: 7 days, keep refrigerated